Storage & Backup

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Solutions for storage and backup of all your digital data.

With the advancement of storage technology, the amount of digital data being produced is overwhelming. Digital files such as office documents and presentations need to be available in a multi-device environment. They also need to be stored safely and securely. Data loss could cause many complications for individuals and businesses. Our aim is to provide safe and secure storage for our customers.

Storage Services

Your data stored within the cloud and automatically available on multiple devices if you prefer. Share documents with your colleagues and collaborate with them online. Store files as much as you need to without worrying about disk space. You may decide how much data you would like to store.

Backup Services

Automatic or manual creation of backups for your data. Depending on your needs, we offer online and offline backup services.

Online backup

Cloud environments will be used for backing up your data.

Offline backup

Tapes or hard drives will be used for backing up your data offline.


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